Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table Groups

A group is a vertical column of elements in the periodic table of the chemical elements. Group is also known as a family. There are 18 groups in the standard periodic table. Elements in the same group have the same number of valence electron(s) in their outer shell. Hence, elements in a group share similar chemical properties.

New IUPAC numbering Old IUPAC (European) CAS (American) Name by element Specific name note
Group 1 IA IA lithium family alkali metals Hydrogen is in this column, but not considered to be an alkali metal
Group 2 IIA IIA beryllium family alkaline earth metals
Group 3 IIIA IIIB scandium family Consisting of rare earth elements plus actinides
Group 4 IVA IVB titanium family
Group 5 VA VB vanadium family
Group 6 VIA VIB chromium family
Group 7 VIIA VIIB manganese family
Group 8 VIII VIIIB iron family
Group 9 VIII VIIIB cobalt family
Group 10 VIII VIIIB nickel family
Group 11 IB IB copper family coinage metals The name coinage metals is not IUPAC-recommended
Group 12 IIB IIB zinc family
Group 13 IIIB IIIA boron family triels triels from Greek tri (three, III)
Group 14 IVB IVA carbon family tetrels tetrels from Greek tetra (four, IV)
Group 15 VB VA nitrogen family pnictogens
Group 16 VIB VIA oxygen family chalcogens
Group 17 VIIB VIIA fluorine family halogens
Group 18 Group 0 VIIIA helium family or neon family noble gases