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Zinc alloys have been used since ancient times by the Asians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. Andreas Sigismund Marggraf (1709-1782), German chemist in 1746 discovered the element Zinc.

Name: Zinc
Symbol: Zn
Atomic number: 30
Atomic weight: 65.38
State: solid
Group, period, block: 12, 4, d
Color: silver-gray
Classification: transition metal
Electron configuration: 4d10 4s2

Physical properties

Density: 7.14 g/cm-3
Melting point: 692.68 K, 419.53 C, 787.15 F
Boiling point: 1180 K, 907 C, 1665 F

Atomic properties

Oxidation states: +2, +1, 0
Electronegativity: 1.65 (Pauling scale)
Ionization energies: 1st: 906.4 kJmol-1
Covalent radius: 1224 pm
Van der Waals radius: 139 pm
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There are five naturally occurring isotopes of zinc exist, 64Zn, 66Zn, 67Zn, 68Zn, and 70Zn.