Periodic Table of Elements

Ternary Compounds

A ternary compound is a chemical compound that contains atleast three different elements.

3 types of ternary compounds:

  • Ternary salts
  • Ternary acids (Oxyacids)
  • Ternary bases

  • Ternary salts:
  • A ternary salt is a compound containing three different elements.
    In a binary compound, the first name will be a metal ion. The second name will be a nonmetal ion as -ide.

    Ternary salts:
    sodium nitrate: NaNO3
    potassium sulfate: K2SO4
    calcium carbonate: CaCO3
    sodium phosphate: Na3PO4
    sodium chlorate: NaClO3

  • Ternary acids (Oxyacids):
  • Ternary acids also consist of three elements.
    A ternary acid is an acid that has the elements hydrogen and oxygen along with another element, often a nonmetal. Or, they contain hydrogen in addition to a polyatomic ion.
    An -ate complex ion is named as an -ic acid. For example, HClO3(aq) contains the chlorate ion and is named chloric acid.
    An -ite complex ion is named as an -ous acid. For example, HClO2(aq) contains the chlorite ion and is named chlorous acid.

    Ternary acids:
    nitric acid: HNO3
    sulfuric acid: H2SO4
    sulfurous acid: H2SO3

  • Ternary bases:
  • A ternary base consists of a metallic ion and the hydroxide ion (OH-). Bases are also called as hydroxides.

    Ternary bases:
    sodium hydroxide: NaOH
    lithium hydroxide: LiOH