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Strontium was discovered by an Irish chemist, Adair Crawford, in 1790. But it was not until 1808, that Strontium was first isolated by Sir Humphry Davy, an English chemist. Strontium was named after the village of Strontian in Scotland.

Name: Strontium
Symbol: Sr
Atomic number: 38
Atomic weight: 87.62
State: solid
Group, period, block: 2, 5, s
Color: silvery white metallic
Classification: alkaline earth metal
Electron configuration: 5s2

Physical properties

Density: 2.64 g/cm-3
Melting point: 1050 K,777 C,1431 F
Boiling point: 1655 K,1382 C,2520 F

Atomic properties

Oxidation states: 2, 1,[1]
Electronegativity: 0.95 (Pauling scale)
Ionization energies: 1st: 549.5 kJmol-1
Covalent radius: 19510 pm
Van der Waals radius: 249 pm
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There arefour naturally occurring isotopes of strontium exist, 84Sr, 86Sr, 87Sr, and 88Sr.